Vienna Automobile Society

Open wheel racing, deconstructed. Racing focused on strategy and reflexes, on how to close a gap, attack a corner, and overtake opponents. With simple controls and an abstract design, players only focus on their driving line and gears, but still deal with late braking, corner positioning, and side-by-side action. Set in colorful Mediterranean landscapes with an original surf rock soundtrack.

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Generates abstract representations of solar systems. Can be played in a browser, and perhaps set as a screensaver.


Fermi Paradox Visualizer

A simple visualizer of the Fermi Paradox, made for Fermijam. Using a density wave model of 2^13 stars, each with a 1% chance of supporting life. That life will randomly appear, become intelligent (defined as sending radio signals), and destroy itself. If two civilizations are alive at the same time they communicate, which hasn't happened yet.



A cooperative game about piloting the fictional derelict Ucalegon, using all physical buttons and feedback. Four stations — Sensors, Control, Reactor, Defenses — are heavily interlinked and require communication to operate properly. There's currently only one somewhat fragile copy, but a second version is being planned. Handmade on a single Arduino Mega.

Sun Dogs

A text adventure about exploring a transhumanist solar system. A quiet, freeform journey through a future where humans have wrestled control of their environments and bodies. Body and mind alterations will affect your journey through the world, and death is a relatively minor setback.

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